Are You Grumpy?

(Homework assignment included)

If unhappy with your current career, you are probably grumpy at least part of the time. Or maybe most of the time. Does the slightestAre you grumpy? thing set you off? Have you lost all patience? Are these foul moods limited to your time at work or are they impacting the rest of your life? Many of you know the story of when I knew my career unhappiness had reached critical levels and that I had to change something immediately.

It was the evening I came home from work and was greeted at the door by my elderly cat. She only wanted attention and was purring very loudly – which was the last straw in my day. It seemed even the darned cat wanted something from me. Could I not have 5 minutes to myself? After screaming at the cat to leave me alone it became very clear that perhaps my mental state could use a boost.

Many physicians have thoughts of starting a new career. But most doctors never move forward and make that change. Why? It is too overwhelming. Where do you start? And if you’ve reached the point of compAvoid Physician Burnout. There is a Solution. Dr. Julia Kinder.lete burnout, you are likely too exhausted to even bother. It is easier to put your head down and plow forward every day with what is familiar, no matter how miserable your life has become. Even if you are exhausted, never spend time with your family, have forgotten what you enjoy in life, dread starting each day, and are only a shell of the person you used to be – at least you know how to get through your day. Routine trumps change every time. We all hate the fear of the unknown. Prisoners of war run back to their captors because it is familiar.

I don’t want you to be one of the stuck, unhappy doctors. You’ve worked too hard and too long to be unhappy.You DESERVE a career you enjoy. So you are going to take one tiny step forward this week.


Identify ONE irritation / annoyance / frustration in your daily routine, then devise a solution to eliminate it.

(This can be something at home or at work.)

DEADLINE: Friday January 16, 2014

Keep Calm and Do Your Homework. Contact Dr. Julia Right Now!ACCOUNTABILITY: Email me the details. If you give permission, I can include your problem and the solution in the next newsletter to help motivate your fellow physicians (it can be anonymous if you prefer). I’ll also share some of the irritations I eliminated in my life (don’t worry, the cat is fine).

Why does this help? First, it demonstrates to you how easy it is to take a step forward in improving your life. Changing your career is overwhelming. But breaking that change down into do-able tasks is invigorating. Second, eliminating one irritation will take a bit of the load off and make your day easier. Third, irritations drain your energy and time; redirect your energy and time to your career transition and away from WOTS (Wastes of Time). Decrease the number of irritations in your life and you will decrease your level of burnout. You will be less grumpy.

You CAN start to make change in your life and career Right Now with this one assignment. Seem too easy? Too basic compared to the brain surgery you performed today? Career transitioning is not as hard as you might think. All you need is the determination, the dedication, and a plan broken down into manageable steps. Now go get less grumpy please!

– Dr. Julia

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