Non-Clinical Jobs Available Right Now!


One of the most common questions I receive from physicians is “Do you know of available jobs I could apply for?”

The answer is “YES!” I do know of great opportunities! I have four main sources for non-clinical careers for doctors.

First, after years of consulting and helping doctors find a new career outside of medicine, many companies know I work with doctors whoResume / CV Services Available are looking for unique and exciting opportunities. These companies contact me when they have openings to see if I have a client that would be a good fit for them. Employers know I develop a close relationship with my clients and understand each physician’s unique talents and aspirations. Therefore, I can quickly recommend candidates that fit the criteria for a certain job. I also serve as a reference; I can attest to my client’s values, personality, reliability, enthusiasm, and other personal qualities that aren’t expressed in a job application or C.V. Since I help my clients develop their image and platform (more information on this in the future), I know their “selling-points” by heart and can often move a client straight to the interview process, skipping the initial screenings.

A second source of jobs comes to me via recruiters. I know “recruiter” can be a bad word if you’ve experienced a full voice-mail and email box from hungry recruiters trying to get you to move to the wilderness for a “great and unique opportunity.” But after 10 years of interacting with recruiters, I now work with a select few who have met my strict screening requirements and have vowed to respect your cell phone’s data limits and to only contact you for jobs which truly meet YOUR criteria. The recruiters I work with are respectful of your time and won’t waste it.

I also scan job boards daily for careers that may be of interest to my clients. I teach my clients how to use these on-line tools as well, as this task can be overwhelming and extremely time-consuming. This is the source most doctors turn to first to find a job. While valuable and necessary under certain circumstances, this is NOT the best way to find a new non-clinical career.

My biggest source of available job information and the # 1 source for finding a new career for physicians is: _______________ Any guesses? If you’ve heard me lecture or worked with me, you will know the #1 way to find a new job. I’m going to let you think on that one and I will reveal the answer in my next newsletter!

So back to your burning question – do I currently know of any potential great jobs? YES!! I do! I currently know of 2 opportunities with a well-known company. Both are work-from-home. But they are top-secret at theContact Dr. Julia Right Now! moment; they haven’t been officially posted. I received an inside-tip on these opportunities coming available in the next few weeks.

I am pre-screening candidates for these jobs. If you are searching for a non-clinical job, send me an email with your C.V. and Resume if you have both (you should). You may want to include in the email any pertinent information on your current situation and what you are looking for. And if you know the answer to the #1 way to GET A NON-CLINICAL JOB, please include that as well!

Good luck! Candidates will be contacted if they are being considered for these non-traditional medical careers.

– Dr. Julia