Physician Career Change – I Can Help

DrJuliaKinder-mentoring-at-SEAK-Conference-Oct-2012Once you decide to start the journey towards a career transition, there are several ways to get started. First, you can map out your trip alone. You are a doctor; you are smart. You can figure out how to make a career change as you go along. The second option is to attend the SEAK Non Clinical Careers Conference in October, located in Chicago. There, you can attend lectures, speak to mentors (I will be there!), and attend workshops (including the one where I teach the secrets of networking). Your third option is to work directly with a career consultant.

It is likely that the idea of hiring a career coach is unfamiliar to you; it was to me. I was too proud to ask for help. And I mistakenly considered only the immediate cost. I didn’t realize that investing in getting assistance would help me reach goals more quickly and efficiently. It would have helped to avoid mistakes, which also cost time and money. Not getting help cost me big time; I would estimate that my wrong-turns and dead-ends cost at least $75,000. Yep – that is hard to swallow. Don’t let arrogance that you can do it all alone, and – to be honest – your frugality, bury you.

How Does a Physician Change Careers?

How did I make my transition? I started out on my own and made steady but slow progress. Once I started attending SEAK conferences my progress gained momentum. The first conference I went to was “Non Clinical Careers for Physicians.” Finally, I hired a coach to propel me forward. Working one-on-one with someone who gave me specific advice, tailored to my needs, was invaluable.

Dr. Julia Kinder, Physician Career Coach - Physician Career OpportunitiesSo how can I help you with a career change? I can give you the map outlining all the steps you need to take. Unlike your prior quest for a career as a doctor, there is not a pre-defined course involving classes, teachers, tests, board exams, and residency. The road to transitioning is different for everyone, depending on your final destination. You may not even know your destination. I can help you select a new career that meets your goals, and then customize a plan to achieve that new career.

Transitioning can be challenging. It is hard work. There are many uncertainties. There were times when I gave up for awhile. I shed tears. I stayed up late after putting the kids to bed to work on ideas. I was already exhausted and stressed from full-time clinical practice – adding on a career transition is basically adding another job to your plate. I vowed after my own successful transition to make the process easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable for my colleagues.

There really is no reason for you to take on the challenge of changing careers alone. At the very least, you need someone to talk to. Let me relieve some of the burden you feel about improving your current work situation.

Why me? I’ve started several of my own businesses. I’ve experienced various employed positions along the way to help me get where I was going, including disability reviews, urgent care, utilization review, and hospice. I’m an expert in networking. I’m proud to have achieved a faculty position with SEAK. But the best reason to consider letting me travel along your career transition path? I am a nice person; I genuinely care about your success and happiness. I want my fellow physicians to reach their goals and have peace and joy because I know how hard you have worked and that you deserve to awaken each morning looking forward to your day.

Getting started could not be any easier. Email me today to set up a complimentary phone call to further discuss your current situation and ways in which I can assist you.