Reasons Why Writing a Blog can Assist with Clinical Career Change

Questioning your career as a doctor? Career Change is possible.Dissatisfied in some way with your career as a doctor? It can be overwhelming to think about making some sort of career change. First, you have to come to terms with the fact that you aren’t completely happy each day with your work ( “I am crazy to be unhappy as a doctor; think of all the time and money I have invested!”). Then you must understand what exactly you dislike about your current situation (that step is pretty easy; you probably rehash multiple times each day why you dread going into clinic).

Determining your career goals is the next step, followed by learning about alternative non-clinical career options. Then, if you get that far and don’t let routine cement you in place, you must learn how to actually obtain a new career. It is a lot to think about, a lot to learn, and takes time. It is very do-able. But nonetheless, the first step forward is often the hardest.

So if you are feeling stuck in your current situation, if you are frozen, if you are petrified, if you have no idea where to begin…just do 1 SIMPLE THING. Write a blog. It is quick, easy, relatively painless, and can be done at midnight when you finally arrive home from work.

Reasons to Write a Blog:

  1. Share information. Teach someone something new.
  2. Show why your topic of choice is important; share information about which you are passionate.
  3. Make a name for yourself; let people know you are more than a clinician.
  4. Become known.
  5. Start establishing expert status; you ARE an expert on numerous topics.
  6. Networking. The number one way to achieve a non-clinical career is through networking; getting to know people, and letting people know you. Blogging is a form of networking.
  7. Get the creative juices flowing.
  8. Turn a blog into a lecture.
  9. Turn a blog into a book.
  10. Turn a blog into a seminar.
  11. Begin to create a brand/image for yourself.
  12. It’s more productive than randomly searching the internet for hours in hopes of finding a magical, new career.
  13. Break up your monotonous day at work; take a few minutes between patients to jot down notes to write about.
  14. Channel your frustration and anger at work into something productive; instead of fuming over the same issues, turn your thoughts to a topic you love.
  15. Add something new to your C.V.
  16. Stand out from other physicians.
  17. Practice your writing skills, which can then be used in many non-clinical careers such at independent medical exams or utilization review, or even pharmaceutical marketing.
  18. Dr. Julia Kinder said it’s a good idea; trust her.

Get the ball rolling. Write a blog!In future posts, I will give you tips on how to write a blog and then what to do with it once it is written.

Taking 1 easy step forward in your career will give you confidence and hope. I promise that you will have a better day in clinic the day after you complete the blog. Throughout the day, it will give you something new to think about, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment. So go get the ball rolling!