Dr. Julia Kinder’s MICRO-GRAM™:
Top 10 Ways to Stand Above the Competition

Small Units of Career Transition Information Designed for Busy PhysiciansDr. Julia Kinder's MICRO-GRAM™ Top 10 Ways to Stand Above the Competition - Career Advice and Tips for Doctors by Dr. Julia Kinder, a leading Physician Career Transition Consultant

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Dr. Julia Kinder spent years learning how to market herself as well as various products & services she developed. You can learn how to effectively market yourself without wasting time, money and a lot of effort. Learn the marketing secrets the Pro’s use, ensuring you can obtain whatever career you go after. Effective Marketing is always essential. Only $19.95 if you order today!


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Dr. Julia Kinder "20 Things I Wish I Had Known" for Physician Career Change - Free DownloadSwitching from a Clinical Career to a Non-Clinical Career OR Modifying your current Clinical Career requires ample knowledge AND requires specific tasks to be completed in order. Dr. Julia Kinder made her own career transition over a decade ago, but she did so with no assistance. She struggled through the process and wasted precious time learning what was needed and how to go about it.

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