Welcome to My New Website

Dr. Julia Kinder & FamilyWelcome to my new website, designed with YOU in mind. You are glad you are a doctor, but want more out of your career. Some doctors seek more money, or more free time. Others have always wanted to write a book, or travel, or start a business. Perhaps you are burned out or have a condition that will no longer make if feasible to continue your practice. Whatever the situation may be, YOU are on a quest to discover career options and learn how to make a career change happen.

You need information and inspiration. Your time is limited, and you must be able to quickly and easily find the tips you need.

Enter the new Physician Career Opportunities website, which is packed with answers to your questions about getting started in a career transition (see the FAQs page) and information on how to proceed (see my blog). You can sign up for my newsletter (and get a free download!) to be delivered to your email. Learn about upcoming conferences and workshops. Interact with me on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on relevant topics and connect with fellow transitioning doctors.

All this information is easily accessible via any device, so you can check out my latest tips from your phone while watching your kids soccer practice.

Don’t face your dissatisfaction with your career and uncertainty about the future of clinical practice alone – join my new interactive community and get the support you need.