Why Choose a Non-Medical Career or a Modified Clinical Career for Physicians?


Dr. Julia Kinder - Physician Career Transitioning Consultant - Coaching and Consulting for doctors seeking to explore alternative careers for physicians and start a new non-clinical career or modified clinical career - Non-Medical Jobs for PhysiciansAre YOU:
– Tired of working all the time?
– Annoyed with hassles of clinic?
– Dissatisfied? Unfulfilled? Stuck in routine?
– Overwhelmed with multiple responsibilities?
– Uncertain what you want to do outside of medicine?
– Unsure where to start? No idea what else you are qualified for?

– Feel like you never get it all done?
– Find yourself emotionally drained at the end of the day?
– Allow your bad mood to affect your family?
– Wonder where to begin to find a new career?
– Want more energy, drive, passion, excitement?
– Think you don’t have the time to search for a new career?


Why Choose Physician Career Change or Transition?

If you answered “Yes” to the questions above, then your unhappiness in clinical practice is likely affecting all areas of your life. Many doctors ignore their growing dissatisfaction, worried that switching to a new career would mean wasted education, time, and money. Guilt may also prohibit doctors from making a career change as they worry about supporting their family, or wonder what others may think of them abandoning such a noble career. Not knowing what other options exist or having the time to find them is completely overwhelming, causing stagnation and hopelessness.

Dr. Julia Kinder - Physician Career Consultant & Coach - Providing services for doctors seeking to explore alternative careers for physicians and start a new non-clinical career or modify their current clinical careerDon’t waste another day unhappy in clinical practice. With your education, experience, and determination, you have many opportunities for a career outside of traditional medical practice. You CAN enjoy work each day in a lucrative career with less stress and more free time!

Dr. Julia Kinder has been a practicing physician for over 15 years in both a private family practice and as a hospice physician. Unhappy with traditional practice, she created a unique career by blending part-time practice with several businesses she created as a National Speaker, Author, Fitness Expert, and Consultant. Dr. Kinder offers her wealth of knowledge and expertise in making the transition from full-time medical practice to starting and thriving in a new non-clinical career or in achieving a modified clinical career. There are many non-medical jobs for physicians that can provide adequate income for doctors seeking alternative careers, while also providing then more time for family and other interests.

Physician Career Change services provided by Dr. Julia Kinder on PhysicianCareerOpportunities.comSo why choose Dr. Julia Kinder as your Physician Career Transitioning Consultant and Coach? Simply stated, to help you quickly and easily transition to your dream career. It still takes creativity and a lot of effort on your part, but the rewards are invaluable for a physician seeking to transition to a Non-Clinical Career or to modify their current clinical career.

To begin the process for free and with no obligation, please contact Dr. Kinder via the online form on our Contact page. Dr. Kinder will respond personally to your inquiry as soon as possible. Don’t let another day go by feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and emotionally drained. Get ready for a new challenging and successful non-clinical career or a modified clinical career. Start by contacting Dr. Kinder Right Now!