Dr. Julia Kinder to Speak at Physician Moms Group Conference 2017

Dr. Julia Kinder is set to present at the PMG’s inaugural Conference, set to begin on  Saturday April 1st, 2017. Physician Moms Group has a full lineup of “Doctor Moms” to speak at the very first PMG Conference.

Per the Brochure:

Success. Burnout. Balance.
So many buzzwords, but what do they all mean for your real
life? Part-time nothing and full-time everything, the
physician mother is pulled in every direction, often unable
to care for herself. Can a physician mom “have it all” or is
that a myth? Does the strive for balance make us happier or
add to our stress? Join us for our first PMG conference to
meet real moms who are changing the face of medicine and
reclaiming what it means to be a physician mother. Learn
how they have modified their careers to fit their lives. Hear
from successful entrepreneurs who took a leap away from
clinical medicine. Gain business skills that were missing
from our medical education. Examine your wellness and
learn new ways to fight burnout. Are you ready to discover
the Dr. Mom you want to be?

For more details, and to learn how to register for this upcoming Conference, please see these webpages:

For PMG Conference Registration and details of the agenda – Click here for PMG ’17 Registration

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We look forward to seeing you there!