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Dr. Julia Kinder’s Physician Career Change Consulting & Coaching has brought her many accolades from her clients. You can join with these Clinical Professionals who are seeking to explore alternative career opportunities for physicians. Get started today – Contact Dr. Julia Kinder, Physician Career Transition Consultant, Right Now at no cost or obligation!

Dr. Kinder's lectures are energizing and inspiring, providing practical advice on how physicians can immediately begin to transition to a new and rewarding career. She is so sincere in her desire to help other doctors achieve a rewarding career, and her knowledge regarding how to start a business as well as how to modify a current career or transition to a non-clinical career is extensive.

James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq.

Vice President, SEAK, Inc.

I called Dr. Julia Kinder 5 minutes early for our first official session, as I had been anticipating our discussion for the past week and was eager to get started. Dr Kinder had me fill out an initial questionnaire before our first call to get to know each other, and the initial conversation centered around this. The truth is that I had been frustrated with my career for some time, and had been reflecting and searching for various options, including relocating or even returning to training. I even thought about leaving medicine, or at least the US version of such.

Immediately I felt at ease with Dr Kinder; I opened up to her not only about my career issues, but my personal fears and struggles. I confided in her and felt that I was talking to a good friend that I had known for years. She helped me focus scattered thoughts and to choose exact steps to pursue rather than chase many paths with no purpose. I now have homework to help me understand what drives me in my desires and why I want certain things out of my career. The homework will prove beneficial to help me navigate the next career decision with confidence and precision; not haphazardly as has been my previous way of operating.

In summary, I would recommend Dr Kinder without reservation. I expect great things from her and from myself in the years to come with regards to my career.

Brock Helms, DO

Emergency Physician, Charlotte, North Carolina

To quote the Tao Te Ching, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” This is how I felt after leaving the SEAK Nonclinical Careers for Physicians conference. I had gone to learn about earning side-stream income from non-clinical work, particularly disability reviews. The lineup of speakers was impressive, and the keynote speaker was Julia Pewitt Kinder, DO, a mom, author and successful entrepreneur in a non-clinical career with a compelling story.

I jumped at the chance to sign up for a mentoring session with Julia, and after the introductions, I asked some specific questions. I asked her about how she published her books. You see, I had been working on a book for a while, and I felt I was getting nowhere. Julia asked me several pointed questions: what the book was about, why I wanted to write, who it was intended for, had I finished most of the chapters, and if not, then why, and after I finished, what was I going to do with the book?

She made me think about possibilities I hadn’t thought of before. She actually showed me an advantageous perspective on my inability to finish my book and how to turn it into more opportunities. At the end of our meeting, I left with a diagram she drew for me, and some great advice. I felt that I had found a path I could follow. Indeed, the following year, I published my book, “The Last Diet”.

Yes, I did get the information for the primary reason I attended the conference, but my meeting with Julia and her advice was just what I needed for the book project that I felt so passionate about. Sometimes, we can’t see the forest for the trees, and we need someone to help us see the big picture and possibilities. For me, Julia was the right person to help me refocus on my goals and set me back on the path.

Kelli Maw, MD, FAAFP, MPH

Medical Director, PRA Health Sciences

I met Julia at the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference. She was extremely helpful; she carefully listened to my ideas for moving ahead in my career, then gave insight and suggestions that I had not yet considered. She is very open and honest, which was quite meaningful to me.

Dr. Stephanie Tiell, DNP, FNP-C

CEO, Psychiatric Consultants of Ohio


Wow! Thank you for your guidance during our consulting session prior to my phone interview for a non-clinical position performing utilization review. Just about every talking point and question we practiced together were asked of me during the interview, therefore I had an intelligible, concise answer for them all. The person conducting the interview commented that she thought I was a "strong communicator" and personable and would 'fit well with the company."

I appreciate your availability at the last minute to prepare me for the interview. Your advice helped me to effectively market my experience with confidence.

Thank you!

Dr. Candace Asiedu, MD

Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, Cook County Health and Hospitals System

Dr. Julia,

Thank you for your email to follow up on my progress since our last consulting session. You coached me through a very difficult time. Surgeons have big egos, and leaving surgery was for me like a death in the family. It took me a very long time to understand that I still had something left of worth. I credit you with inspiring me not to give up; to figure out "how to make lemonade."

My career is going well: I have expanded my consulting practice and also maintain a small concierge practice to satisfy that part of me that still enjoys clinical practice. I'm also performing disability and independent reviews. I officially have a "portfolio" career which provides variety and allows me to work much of the time from home.

I will continue to stay in touch and keep you posted on my adventures.


Dr. John Golberg

Dr. John Goldberg, MD

Physician, Independent Orthopaedics & Consulting, LLC

The informal after-hours networking workshop given by Dr Julia Kinder was the most fun I had at the entire SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference!

Dr. Kinder taught us, and showed by numerous examples, that NETWORKING is the number 1 most-successful way to find a new career.

We learned principles of networking, got practical tips—and most importantly—started networking right there with each other. I think the people who attended Julia's workshop will be much more likely to do the work to develop our networking skills, which will help our career transitions immensely.

Dr. John Lundell

Anesthesiologist, Pinnacle

I met Dr. Kinder at the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians conference after hearing her give the keynote address. As Julia spoke about her own transition out of clinical medicine, I realized that we had quite a bit in common, and I made a point of meeting her during a break in the conference. Julia was funny, inquisitive, and seemed to genuinely care about my own path out of clinical medicine, and I decided that it was time to commit to myself and started working with her regularly.

Working with Julia involves regular communication through email, phone calls and text messages. We set up phone conferences every few weeks that last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Initially, we worked to discover what was bothering me about my current situation, while looking at my strengths, talents and interests to determine how I could translate them into my next career move.  There are 'homework' assignments, but not in the traditional sense. First, there is no deadline – it's self-driven. Julia gives me 'work' to do, but it's on my own time. Second, it's fun work, because it's related to my own career and transition, which to me is exciting and less like work.

I value working with Julia because she has the wisdom of her own experience transitioning out of clinical medicine and can share tips and ideas from her own path. She also has a realistic view and recognizes that this is a process – just as it was a process to become a physician, it is the same to find a non-clinical career. She has shown me that it involves taking some risks (ones that I am comfortable with), and considering multiple directions at once. The path to becoming a doctor was so well laid-out, but this is different, and with Julia's help I realized I needed to be comfortable going in multiple directions at once until I find exactly where my new career will land me.

If you are at all considering getting out of clinical medicine, you should pick up the phone and call Julia. She is funny, goal-directed, and genuine. She also can sympathize with you because she has BEEN THERE and DONE IT, and she's made a successful transition from a typical clinical career to one that she enjoys. I am still in the process of my own transition, but I never would be where I am now if I hadn't found Dr. Kinder to coach me through it.

[Listen to another testimonial about Dr. Julia Kinder from Dr. Carrie Holland below in this YouTube video.]

Carrie Holland, MD

Primary Care Physician

I met Dr. Julia Kinder a few years ago while attending her lecture at the SEAK conference. We have remained in touch, and I recently sought her advice on my current career situation.

I have several inventions and a business I wish to start, but I am still practicing as an anesthesiologist – and so I have struggled to find time to devote to the ideas which I am passionate about. We explored my ideas and determined which I should pursue first. Julia offered knowledge on how to take a product to market and how to network to find potential buyers.

With her encouragement, I have been able cut back my practice and arrange a regular four-day workweek. I am also relocating for better opportunities. With Julia's help, and contacts, I am working to promote OPERATIONHEATJAC® - a patented Temperature Regulating Garment for medical professionals to wear in the operating room to stay warm. With such a great response to my garment, I plan to market its use in other settings as well. I am also considering getting involved with the production of my product. If this were to work out, my goal would be to do this more, and anesthesia less.

If you have ideas for starting your own business, I encourage you to make the move. It's an exciting feeling to step outside of traditional practice and see your creative ideas come into existence.

Mark Silverberg, DDS, MD

Oral Surgeon

Julia [Dr. Kinder] was a bright spot in my SEAK experience! She took time to understand the details of my situation and offered solid and specific guidance. I found her very inspiring and would highly recommend her as a resource for other physicians in career transition.

Lowell Arnett, MD


I just wanted to let you know that you made my day today. I am on numerous email lists for blogs, websites, etc., having to do with nonclinical careers for physicians and I received an email blast this morning including an interview with you in which you described your personal story of transitioning out of medical practice, gave practical tips for doctors to begin the search for a new career, and offered to assist doctors who are ready for increased happiness in their life.

You were great in the interview and reading your comments totally hit home. You so eloquently described how I feel right now and it was just the moment of validation I needed. So often, today included, I feel dissatisfied with my career, but I hesitate to make a change because I don't know where to begin or what options exist. I am grateful for the reliable income and other practical matters, but the truth is, the unhappiness with my career has started bleeding into every other part of my life and makes me resent my career even more. I want to rediscover my passion for my career and be excited to go to work.

Reading your interview today helped remind me that other doctors have felt this same way and have successfully changed careers, so there is hope for making this better. So thanks for inspiring me today. And thanks for beginning to work with me to give me the practical steps I need to finally move forward.

Ryan Sullivan, MD

After 15 years of clinical practice and 10 years as CMO of a health plan, I realized that I wanted to do something "new" and exciting in my career. I craved more passion and a renewed sense of fulfillment in my work but had no idea what type of work would satisfy these longings or how to chart a course of discovery.

I also wondered if change and excitement were realistic goals for me as a physician in mid-late career. In October 2013, I made a last minute decision to attend the Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians course, in hopes of gaining "concrete" job ideas and to meet recruiters. While I did meet recruiters and learned a lot about non-clinical careers, the most useful and memorable aspect of the weekend course for me was the dynamic and inspiring opening session by Dr. Julia Kinder.

From the moment Dr. Kinder entered the room, it was clear that she was a talented teacher with a unique and engaging presentation style! With humor and compassion, she quickly established personal and professional connections with the audience. Using great examples, many from her own life, Dr. Kinder was able to vividly convey that physicians have countless opportunities in our daily lives to connect with others, express our talents, be creative, fulfill our passions, do meaningful work and create income! Her keen insights into the physician "mindset" and wonderful sense of humor were powerful tools that engaged, challenged and encouraged each of us to expand our perspectives on career possibilities and to commit to finding passion, fulfillment and life balance.

By the end of the presentation, Dr. Kinder had led the audience through a series of activities that were fun and effective in getting us to begin developing an action plan for career transition. One of the most useful activities was learning to network, which I, and most physicians, find very difficult to do. It was clear that she had performed the exercises and had applied the lessons in her own life to create an enjoyable career, and that she was genuinely happy to share the pearls of her experiences. I was inspired by Dr. Kinder to commit to using the tools to discover what would be fulfilling for me at this time in my life and to avoid the temptation of "settling" or accepting less than desirable circumstances.

I am grateful that I attended the conference and the opening session! The inspiration that I gained from Dr. Kinder's presentation motivated me to fully engage in the conference, to meet new people (network!), to learn as much as possible from the speakers and mentors and to adopt a more positive attitude as I moved toward my dream career.

Cyd Campbell, MD

Medical Director / Physician Reviewer

Julia I want to thank you for inspiring me (through your lecture and our phone conversations) to transition into a non-clinical career. As you know, I have been an ophthalmologist for many years. In the beginning, I had a passion for my work. But due to the many changes in medicine over the years such as reimbursement changes and government compliance issues, it is becoming extremely challenging and less rewarding to continue practicing as a solo practitioner, which is my choice, rather than to work in a group practice. '

For the last several years I have been contemplating some change with my career. I wasn't really sure what to do or how to begin. By accident I stumbled upon the SEAK website, and attended the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians convention in Chicago in October, 2013. This is where I met you. I was inspired by your lecture to stop contemplating and to start taking action.

You showed me there are many career options for which I am qualified, gave me the exact steps to begin my career transition, taught me how to network, helped me define and market my talents, and created my brand. With the new resume and C.V. we created together, I have the tools to obtain my next career. Due to my unique background as a physician, educator, and actor, I am going to pursue a position in medical communications and advertising. I am once again excited about the future of my career, and know I will be successful. Thank you for your help.

Tom Obrotka, MD

I'm just writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your informative talk during the recent Non-Clinical Physician Conference in mid-October 2013. As someone who has struggled with the idea of their career destiny, it was refreshing to hear that someone else had had similar thoughts and managed to find success.

I was also delighted to see your lovely Ella at the conference and I'm sure other physician attendees drew a lot of inspiration from your personal mission and motivation. On a personal level, although our contact has been brief, it has been very helpful. Thank you for helping to light the way.

Phil Chow, MD

Dr. Kinder is very encouraging and has extremely practical advice. She is upbeat and energetic, and by her example, I feel as I, too, can change my career direction. One of her suggestions helped me make sense of all the competing ideas in my head so I could move forward, instead of simply hand-wringing. In just the first few minutes we talked, we brainstormed a few ideas I had not thought of before in my many years of dreaming of a career change.

As far as how am I doing right now, it is Monday again, and I realize that I did not do nearly enough last week to move my career transition forward. But Dr. Kinder reassured me she'd help me make up for lost time. In addition, the pain of continuing on my present course is putting a fire under me to get going!

Jeffery Adkins, MD

We were very fortunate to have had Dr. Kinder present and share with our audience her inspiring story, practical information, and true honesty about the challenges and steps for physicians to transition from Clinical to Non-Clinical Careers.

As the webinar organizer I found Dr. Kinder very pleasant and professional to work with; she promptly replied to emails and calls and presented required documents and the PowerPoint handouts in a timely fashion. As a participant, I was impressed by the amount of information (worksheets & assignments) she was willing to share with our audience during her webinar broadcast.

I was also very impressed by the way she was able to tailor her lecture to our diverse audience, which is made up of all types of physicians, medical educators, and residents. She truly has a gift to communicate and the ability to simplify such a complex topic into an understandable and obtainable goal. Our event was a success; the audience learned the exact steps to immediately begin the process of finding an exciting and rewarding career.

Michael Hopson, MA

I am a young Pediatrician who has already become burned out for a number of reasons. After working with you, I was very excited about the many opportunities out there. You helped me discover possibilities I never would have thought of. You helped make sense of my many interests, linking them together in commonality. I really loved your ideas on how I could get started with just a few minutes each day.

Also, you are inspiring with your many interests and energy to complete them all. I'm so glad you could make recommendations about becoming a fitness instructor/consultant; something I've always wanted to do! I was overwhelmed by the number of options and by the fact that I live in an area without local resources. But you showed me several possible routes to obtain training. I can't wait to get started. Thank you!

Stacey England, DO

Hi Julia – I very much appreciate the time you took to speak to me and to create and send materials to get me started. You have a lot to offer to someone desirous of a career change. I have thought long and hard about the issues raised. It is now clear to me that my best option is to stay in my current practice, but modify it as you suggested so that I am happier and less stressed. I have already requested changes from my superiors and these are currently under consideration. Thanks again for you time, effort, and input.

Ed Epstein, DO

Career Transition Strategy

Dreams can come true for physicians seeking to change to a non-clinical career, when pen meets paper and a strategy is developed! Dr. Julia Kinder - Physician Career Transition ConsultantDr. Julia Kinder provides detailed consulting coupled with the guidance of coaching to physicians seeking to switch careers to non-clinical work or to improve their current career situation.

She will guide you through the process of alternative career discovery for physicians as you realize the right career choice for your transition.

After you discover the direction you want to move in your career, Dr. Kinder will provide detailed consulting to help you strategize how to make the switch from clinical practice to your new non-clinical career, to modify your current career, or to combine your current clinical career with a new endeavor.

To learn more about exploring non-clinical career opportunities for physicians, or to lean about modifying your current clinical career, please fill out the online form on our Contact page. Dr. Kinder will respond to your inquiry personally. Don’t wait another day, start the process today with no cost or obligation.