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- Dr. Julia Kinder, Physician Career Consultant & Coach

Testimonials for Dr. Julia Kinder

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James-Mangraviti_160x160James J. Mangraviti Jr., Esq., Vice President SEAK

Dr. Kinder’s lectures are energizing and inspiring, providing practical advice on how physicians can immediately begin to transition to a new and rewarding career. She is so sincere in her desire to help other doctors achieve a rewarding career, and her knowledge regarding how to start a business as well as how to modify a current career or transition to a non-clinical career is extensive.

Carrie-Holland-DO_160x160Carrie Holland, MD

I met Dr. Kinder at the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians conference after hearing her give the keynote address. As Julia spoke about her own transition out of clinical medicine, I realized that we had quite a bit in common, and I made a point of meeting her during a break in the conference. Julia was funny, inquisitive, and seemed to genuinely care about my own path out of clinical medicine, and I decided that it was time to commit to myself and started working with her regularly.

Working with Julia involves regular communication through email, phone calls and text messages. We set up phone conferences every few weeks that last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Initially, we worked to discover what was bothering me about my current situation, while looking at my strengths, talents and interests to determine how I could translate them into my next career move. There are ‘homework’ assignments, but not in the traditional sense. First, there is no deadline – it’s self-driven. Julia gives me ‘work’ to do, but it’s on my own time. Second, it’s fun work, because it’s related to my own career and transition, which to me is exciting and less like work.

I value working with Julia because she has the wisdom of her own experience transitioning out of clinical medicine and can share tips and ideas from her own path. She also has a realistic view and recognizes that this is a process – just as it was a process to become a physician, it is the same to find a non-clinical career. She has shown me that it involves taking some risks (ones that I am comfortable with), and considering multiple directions at once. The path to becoming a doctor was so well laid-out, but this is different, and with Julia’s help I realized I needed to be comfortable going in multiple directions at once until I find exactly where my new career will land me.

If you are at all considering getting out of clinical medicine, you should pick up the phone and call Julia. She is funny, goal-directed, and genuine. She also can sympathize with you because she has BEEN THERE and DONE IT, and she’s made a successful transition from a typical clinical career to one that she enjoys. I am still in the process of my own transition, but I never would be where I am now if I hadn’t found Dr. Kinder to coach me through it.

[Listen to another testimonial about Dr. Julia Kinder from Dr. Carrie Holland below in this YouTube video.]

Thomas-Obrotka-MD_160x157Tom Obrotka, MD

Julia I want to thank you for inspiring me (through your lecture and our phone conversations) to transition into a non-clinical career. As you know, I have been an ophthalmologist for many years. In the beginning, I had a passion for my work. But due to the many changes in medicine over the years such as reimbursement changes and government compliance issues, it is becoming extremely challenging and less rewarding to continue practicing as a solo practitioner, which is my choice, rather than to work in a group practice.

For the last several years I have been contemplating some change with my career. I wasn’t really sure what to do or how to begin. By accident I stumbled upon the SEAK website, and attended the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians convention in Chicago in October, 2013. This is where I met you. I was inspired by your lecture to stop contemplating and to start taking action.

You showed me there are many career options for which I am qualified, gave me the exact steps to begin my career transition, taught me how to network, helped me define and market my talents, and created my brand. With the new resume and C.V. we created together, I have the tools to obtain my next career. Due to my unique background as a physician, educator, and actor, I am going to pursue a position in medical communications and advertising. I am once again excited about the future of my career, and know I will be successful. Thank you for your help.

Stacey-England-DO_160x180Stacey England, DO

I am a young Pediatrician who has already become burned out for a number of reasons. After working with you, I was very excited about the many opportunities out there. You helped me discover possibilities I never would have thought of. You helped make sense of my many interests, linking them together in commonality. I really loved your ideas on how I could get started with just a few minutes each day. Also, you are inspiring with your many interests and energy to complete them all.

I’m so glad you could make recommendations about becoming a fitness instructor/consultant; something I’ve always wanted to do! I was overwhelmed by the number of options and by the fact that I live in an area without local resources. But you showed me several possible routes to obtain training. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you!






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