Consider Starting a Consulting Business

Dr. Julia Kinder speaking at a ConferenceOne of the best non-clinical opportunities available to physicians is to start a consulting business. Your knowledge, both medical and non-medical, combined with your unique experiences and personality gives you the credentials and expertise to become a consultant.

Consult on what, you ask? Crafting an idea can take some time, and is really quite fun. There is an art to combining your interests and skills with market research to create a niche. That topic is outside the scope of this blog. For now, just know that infinite possibilities exist, and that you can get a good start on a consulting business before you have selected your topic.

The first thing you need to do is to learn more about consulting and decide if you want to pursue it.

I have 2 consulting businesses and look forward to my work each day. Doctors discover that the things they cherish about practicing medicine can be experienced via consulting work. Love to teach and educate? Want to make a difference in someone’s life? Enjoy brainstorming, being creative, and problem-solving? Want to work with people who appreciate your efforts, and do their part to achieve success? These are some of the reasons I chose consulting.

Another bonus is the lifestyle of a consultant. I work from home most of the time, travel if I choose to, and set my own hours. No commute gives me extra time each day. Speaking to clients while sitting on a beach is truly stress-free. My relaxed, comfortable, and pleasant work environment translates to increased energy and inspiration that I pass along to clients.

A benefit that I did not foresee is that my children see how hard I work because I am home; I am a better role-model. They better understand how much mommy and Daddy have to work in order for us to have the things we need and want. My kids are appreciative of my flexible schedule which allows for more time with them.

You may be worried about how long transitioning to a new career will take. Starting a consulting business can happen fairly quickly with low start-up cost. And you can keep your current job while nurturing the growth of your new business.

A career in consulting allows physicians to achieve career independence, financial success, and happiness.

Want to learn more?

You have 2 easy options. Attend the conference I teach in Tampa February 9 and 10 (click here for details) or give me a call to further discuss.

I am certain a career in consulting would help you to reach your career goals. Start exploring the option, Right Now!