Meet with Dr. Julia Kinder in Chicago!

Maximize your SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference experience by meeting with Dr. Kinder at the Conference!

Contact Dr. Julia Kinder and set up and appointment time to meet with her at the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference 2014Would you like to sit down and talk in person with a fellow physician who has made a successful transition from clinical practice to a non-clinical career? Dr. Julia Kinder will be in Chicago for the annual SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference October 22-26, 2014. She is offering both individual and group sessions to discuss your current situation and how you can begin to move forward in your alternative career.

Mentoring sessions during the SEAK conference are fun, inspiring, and complimentary!

If you live in the Chicago area or plan to attend the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference, email Dr. Kinder Right Now to reserve your complimentary mentoring session. These sessions are offered outside of conference hours, so time slots are limited. To accommodate as many of her colleagues as possible, Dr. Kinder will be available early each morning and during evening hours. But you must claim your spot as soon as possible as they fill quickly.

SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference 2014 - Learn MoreDr. Kinder will also have 15 minute time slots available during regular conference hours on Saturday and Sunday. These time slots can only be arranged once you arrive to the conference, and will be conducted in the general lecture hall along with other mentors, coaches, and consultants. Sign-up sheets will be posted on Dr. Kinder’s table starting first thing Saturday morning. These mentoring sessions usually fill within the first 2 hours! Don’t miss out; arrive early!

Summary: 2 options are available to meet personally with Dr. Kinder in Chicago at the SEAK Conference:

1.    Reserve a mentoring slot outside of conference hours; this must be done by emailing Dr. Kinder BEFORE the conference:

2.    Sign up at the conference on Saturday morning for mentoring slots during the day on Saturday and Sunday. These sessions and the lectures occur simultaneously; therefore, you must plan ahead in order to meet with Dr. Kinder and attend your top-priority lectures.

Reserve your session! Email

Provide in your email any information which you feel Dr. Kinder should consider when advising you on your next steps to a non-clinical physician job. Also indicate if you prefer an individual or group session.

Dr. Kinder will reply with your appointment time.

Need personalized and professional career advice? Jump-start your move to a different medical career with guidance from a colleague who has held several non-clinical jobs (including medical jobs from home) and created her own alternative career.

See you in Chicago!

– Dr. Julia

You can contact Dr. Julia Right Now regarding meeting with her at the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference, or for seeking Career Guidance through her Career Consulting services. Contact Dr. Kinder using this online form (or via email at the address listed above):