The 2013 SEAK® Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference

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Dr. Julia Kinder Chosen as Keynote Speaker for the 10th Annual SEAK®
Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference in Chicago, IL

Dr. Kinder teaches physicians, dissatisfied with full-time medical practice, how to transition from a clinical career to a
non-clinical career that can provide adequate income and more time for family & other interests.

Dr. Julia Kinder - Physician Career Transitioning Consultant - Coaching and Consulting - Set to Open the 2013 Non-Clinical Careers Conference on October 19th, 2013 in Chicago ILChicago, IL (PRWEB) October 16, 2013 – Dr. Julia Pewitt Kinder has been selected as the opening keynote speaker for the 10th annual SEAK® Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference in Chicago, IL on October 19th, 2013. Dr. Kinder’s presentation, “How to Start Transitioning to Your Dream Career, Right Now,” will provide detailed steps as well as the tools necessary to begin the process; for doctors interested in alternative careers for physicians. Dr. Kinder is an expert in physician career change, and she helps other doctors discover the many physician career opportunities and options outside of traditional medical practice.

Both Dr. Kinder’s one-on-one consulting as well as her workshops help physicians overcome the biggest barriers to finding and starting a new career: inertia, anxiety, understanding what positions they are qualified for, discovering what options exist, and knowing how to begin the process. The beginning steps in the process of transitioning to a new career, after enjoying a successful medical career, can be overwhelming and very stressful. Dr. Kinder simplifies the process of Physician Career Transition and shows physicians the exact path to take for the discovery of a new and fulfilling career.

Dr. Julia Kinder - Physician Career Transitioning Consultant - Coaching and Consulting for physicians seeking to explore alternative career opportunities may encompass many monthsTwo years ago, Dr. Kinder provided the number #1 Rated Lecture for the 8th annual Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference. While at last year’s conference, Dr. Kinder provided Mentoring services to other physicians. Due to the overwhelming response to both her mentoring and lecture, she has been asked to headline the opening session at this year’s conference.

“Two years ago, Dr Kinder provided our #1 rated lecture,” explains James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq., Vice President, SEAK, Inc. and Co-founder of SEAK’s annual Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference. “We were excited to invite Dr. Kinder back this year as our keynote speaker providing the opening session to the Conference. Dr. Kinder’s lectures are energizing and inspiring, providing practical advice on how physicians can immediately begin to transition to a new and rewarding career. She is so sincere in her desire to help other doctors achieve a rewarding career, and her knowledge regarding how to start a business as well as how to modify a current career or transition to a non-clinical career is extensive.”

Currently in the US, many physicians are unhappy with full-time medical practice and many are choosing to leave the clinical profession. Most who make this mental decision to leave their practice struggle to find time to even begin studying the options that are available to them. The first steps of the process are often mentally taxing and daunting. By utilizing Dr. Kinder’s knowledge and expertise, physicians obtain clear and concise steps to follow, from a doctor who has “been there, done that.”

Additionally, for these physicians who desire to leave clinical medicine, most do not know what they want for a profession outside of medicine, as their clinical career has likely consumed a majority of their life. They don’t know what they are qualified for, or what options interest them outside clinical work, as their life has been devoted to studying to become a doctor and then the demands of full-time practice. Dr. Julia Kinder is able to teach other physicians the necessary skills, and provides them with a detailed roadmap for Physician Career Transition.

As a practicing physician, successful entrepreneur, national speaker, author, and consultant; Dr. Julia Kinder shows other doctors how to do the same, but within the realm of their own interests and passions. In some instances, even the doctor’s specific medical skill set may become their biggest non-clinical asset. As a practicing physician, Dr. Kinder has chosen to maintain a part-time medical practice; she has created a practice that contains the elements of medicine that she enjoys, while eliminating the aggravations of traditional full-time practice. Each physician seeking a new career has many options. For some physicians, Dr. Kinder can show them how to modify their current clinical career to better suit them, while potentially also adding non-clinical career components.

Non-clinical jobs for medical doctors allow physicians to change careers while maintaining financial security. Physicians can have an exciting career while working fewer hours and enjoying more time with family. Non-medical jobs for physicians, or a modified clinical career, can provide doctors with their “Dream Career” – without the stress of a traditional medical practice. Dr. Kinder’s presentation at the upcoming 2013 Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference is the best first step for any physician seeking an alternative, non-medical job and career.

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Switching to a new non-clinical career or to a modified clinical career just got a lot easier! Dr. Julia Kinder - Physician Career Transitioning Consultant - Coaching and Consulting for physicians seeking to explore alternative career change opportunities for physicians

About Dr. Julia Kinder

Dr. Julia A. Pewitt Kinder is an accomplished national speaker and practicing physician. She and husband Mitch reside in Cape Girardeau, Mo., with their three children, Ella and twin boys Paxton and Dexter. Dr. Kinder is board-certified in Family Practice and is in private practice with her brother in Jackson, Missouri. She also serves as a hospice physician. In addition, Dr. Kinder is a certified fitness instructor and promotes easy ways to incorporate exercise into daily routines. More information about Dr. Kinder can be found on her website at

About SEAK and the Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference

SEAK, Inc. (, founded in 1980, is an ACCME accredited continuing education and publishing firm. We have trained thousands of physicians across the United States. SEAK prides itself on the quality of their educational programs and they encourage attendees to talk to other physicians who have taken SEAK courses in the past. To learn more about this physicians career opportunities conference, please visit their Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians website –